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Bristol Ebinger executive search
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Are You A Potential Candidate?

Learn more below or get in touch — we can't wait for what's next!

Global Markets and Investment Management Professional

What To Expect

Being in our database means much more than just access to our newsletter, which provides up-to-date market color and insight. When a candidate contacts Bristol Ebinger, it sets in motion a long-term, beneficial partnership that will adjust to your needs as your career evolves.

Alternative Asset Management Candidate looking for work

Who We Represent

While we pride ourselves on the level of service we are able to provide, we realize that in the end, everything comes down to knowing the right candidates. It is the strength of our candidate relationships that has allowed us to achieve such great success.

Who Should Work With Us?

Bristol Ebinger embraces the opportunity to represent candidates at all levels and functions in the Asset Management, Global Markets, and Investment Banking arenas. Whether you are actively looking for a change of position, or are perfectly content in your current role, a relationship with Bristol Ebinger has various benefits.

Alternative Asset Management recruiters hiring candidates
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